CRASH! BANG! (Onomatopoeia reviews)

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CRASH! BANG! (Onomatopoeia reviews)

Post by Bjam »

Songfighter since back in the day.
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Post by king_arthur »

Thanks to Jacob Lynn (a bebop a rebop) for providing a short sax solo for my submission. As the lyrics indicate, the sax solo is supposed to sound like someone who hasn't played in a while, and he nailed it for me :-)

Charles (KA)
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Post by ken »

Those Meddling Kids are the best. Sounds like Smashmouth meets Chumbawumba.
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Onomatopoeia - Reviews

Post by Paco Del Stinko »

Good fight. Not bloody, but fun.

Abominonimous- Catchy and right to the point. Danceable by someone that can do the Swim-type dances. This could play on either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Hostess Mostess - Neat take on the monks with broken concentration chanting, but with better harmonies. I like the part with the panning voice esp.
King Arthur - Good swing. Lyrics are good - are they from your recent classes? I like the minor key chorus. Sax is cool (courteous nod to A-Bebop-A-Rebop) and is perfect in conception and realization.

Kitten Tikka Masala - Good beat and chords. I might've enjoyed the chorus sung a bit more to break up the spoken bit, but it builds there nicely too. Good length but a little kicker wouldn't have been bad either.

MC Lawl - Love the Batman intro and samples, I was waitng for another to pop up. I wouldn't mind hearing your voice up a pube. I liked the lyrics and thought another verse would work, if you could hang on to the sense of humor. The music could use a Zippity-POW! somewhere as some of it sounds standard.

Mr.Man and Dr. Funk - Nice guitar and vocal work - sweet and hooky. Sunny. I like the arrangement, and the end but it almost feels as though a tiny piece is missing. So what - some of it is blissful.

Paco - Back to Stupidville. I like the "I said echo..." sigh

Pumpkin Buzzard - I like the vocals and lyrics, and they wisely alter by the end. I very much enjoyed the main riff also. The song appears to lose a bit of its focus, but sounds great.

Ross Durand - Nice take on the title with good lyrics well executed. Tasteful with implied spice. A pedal steel might've thrown this way over the top, but who needs it - good song.

TMK - Summery and catchy. I like the melodies and voice, good lyrics. The arrangement is good with elements surfacing, disappearing, resurfacing. Nice key sounds too.

UDAHL - Like the riffs - tight! I can't understand the vocals other than the title, but I think I may like your voice. Rocking with a little wandering, love the rippin' lead.

WreckdoM - An intense flurry that sucks you up for a spin. The voice doing the "why did you say that.." and other things is great. I'd like it out of my head now, please, but I like it.

Thanks for all the music, I will vote for someone besides myself prior to the deadline.
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Post by king_arthur »

Old guy reviews continue, working through the fights in
acronymic order here... again, the big question is whether
it was a "keeper" for me or not, and if not, why not.


Umm, how are you pronouncing the title???? Sorry,
but that would be enough to bug me every time I heard
the song...

Hostess Mostess:

Interesting, I like that it's so laid back, and I like
the way it goes strange places (like the line about
"Chelsea and Suzie and Mike"). Keeper.


This is a made-up story, maybe loosely based on a couple
of the teachers I've had since going back to school. I'm
not sure the plot twist at the end of the second verse is
clear enough... obviously, iPods didn't exist back when I
was first in college, but nobody knows what a walkman is
anymore... I wanted a better last line, too, but couldn't
come up with one... hmm, levels are mighty low, aren't they?

Kitten Tikka Masala:

Ouch, that kick drum is painful on 7506s... hmm, don't think
I heard the title in there anywhere, and the connection isn't
entirely obvious... I like the little guitar sound thing at
2:15 and beyond...

MC Lawl:

I at least get the connection to the title on this one -
okay, there, it shows up later on... the rap stuff doesn't
really excite me, but I'm old...

Mr. Man and Dr. Funk

Keeper - I wish the vocals were mixed a little higher, but
you had me from "blue lagoon." After these first couple
songs, I actually started checking all the other fights to
see if you were going to show up elsewhere... this is really

Paco del Stinko:

...and I'm actually getting excited (well, not like that,
but, like, umm, "special bonus episode of CSI: Miami"
excited) that you're going to be in all the fights! This
is goofy, but it's fun, and it's just perfectly sloppy that
it works as a song. Keeper. From your postings in the
prefight threads, I was expecting a bunch of crappy guy &
guitar goof entries, but this is very cool!

Pumpkin Buzzard:

Umm, can I just plead not my thing??? I am obviously not
your target audience... some clever stuff in there, I think
I would enjoy a Frank Zappa cover of this...

Ross Durand:

Hmm, isn't this the first g&g song in the fights? Well, okay,
it grows as it goes on... but I like it. Don't recall hearing
the title in there, but the connection is obvious, and this
will be a good candidate for the song I find myself humming to
myself when I'm done reviewing all the fights... keeper!

Those Meddling Kids:

Hmm, rhythms, tuning and vocals are all a bit raggedy, but
this is a very cool song. I think my standard reaction to
you guys is to want to record my own cover version to just
fix it up a little bit... keeper. Very catchy chorus and I
liked all the cartoon sound effects in the songs. Kept me
listening all the way to the end...


What happened to all the bottom end in the song? I can hear
a bass playing, but there's no thud to the song. All in all,
not my thing, but I'm still hoping that you guys will have a
couple songs that grab me...


Too much going on at once for my tastes, but I'm sure that's
" does not write in dactylic hexameter purely by accident..." - poetic designs
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Post by Phil. Redmon. »

king_arthur wrote:

Umm, how are you pronouncing the title????
Dude, I'm not! The word doesn't appear in the lyrics.
It's "Oh No, what's the matter Pia?"

I use plenty of them in the song though.

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Post by jseavers05 »

its mega cool to get reviews from people, but when you get a review from a king that totally ruled like forever ago, then thats way super awesome... i wish i could have mixed the song better but i couldnt get it to sound right in the end, so i am sorry. anyways, twas a fun song to record with the luke.
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Post by roymond »

Some random thoughts:

Abominominous - you rockin the word play. Very fun and spirited.

Hostess - Not sure the word play is working for me, but the vocal presentation is awesome. Very Shel Silverstein, who's very popular in our house.

King Art
- I think the 12 bar blues has a lot to gain from Schönberg. The sax is teh awesome. The story, though, sounds like word play looking for a tune. As much of an excersize as the subject matter...hey, wait a minute ;)

Mr Man
- Great sound. Like the out-tro.

Meddling Boys - Yeah. VOTE! This is real fun and poppy and Beck and candy. I can't get this out of my head.

Kitten Tika
- This is a great movie sound track tune. Nice electronica and the production is sweet. | songfights | covers
"Congratulatons, roymond; you finally managed to write a song I don't really care for." - Märk
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Post by furrypedro »

Abominominous: This is pretty good in a high school rock band kind of way. I recently decided that I wasn't going to listen to any songs (written from that point onwards) that used the phrase "sha-la-la-la", and I've now decided "sha-boogie" fits in that catagory as well. I'll let you off once, but I've had enough of baby talk in songs. This is fun, but in a very rock-by-numbers way. This is definitely the harshest review in the batch, I realise that.

Hostess goes acapella for a track. Cool idea and I'm not against the slow pace in principle but this doesn't really do much for me. I don't mind the silence, and the way it lets you hear the reverb tail, but I'm not into the slightly tribal droning nature of it. I sometimes like drones, but in a horrible rock way, and this isn't trying to be abrasive (like This Heat or something) so it doesn't work for me.

KA: This chord progression is immediately likeable, it's kind of sentimental but in a sunny upbeat way. I like the way you've woven the story into the lyrics. The sax sounds a bit quiet to begin with, more like an incidental noise than a solo but it fills out and sounds good by the end. Quality song actually, I can totally picture you back in high school (sort of), and I like the sentiment. Music and rules? I think not

Kitten Tikka Masala: This sounds really Eighties, partly cos of the beat but also the monotonous New Order style vocals. It's pretty good, I like the bass drum sound and it all fits together well.

MC Lawl: I like the sounds in this although the shuffle sounds like it's rooted in RnB hiphop which still makes me think "ponce!" when I hear it. But you've done a pretty good job, the bass is gritty enough, and the beat's not too MIA-ish for it's own good. I do really like the middle section where it breaks down and goes all smooth and floaty. I'd actually love to hear this super-produced for when the bassline kicks back in I bet it would knock me right off my feet; this ain't bad at all.

Mrs funk and Doctor Man! they're back to jangly Seavers'-ish goodness again which pretty much guarantees this a win (shit!). Ah but that chorus Immediately makes this better than anything Jordan has done solo because a)It's good in the way you ALWAYS are but also b) You've never actually done this before and c) It's got a whole dynamic thing that none of your other songs have regardless of how good the tune is. That spacey reverse guitar bit at the end is beautiful and the bass sound is really great too. I think Mr Man & Dr Funk should be where your future lies dude, if this track is anything to go by it brings out the best in you. Good job too Luke, I don't know how much you had to do with it but we wouldn't want to give Jordan all the credit now would we. Keeper

Paco: Woah that is some damn farty bass. The drums sound like A-Ha. This track passes me by a bit without hooking me in with anything, there's a lot going on and everything but none of it grabs me much. I think it's a case of having lots of ideas but not the time to implement them in the best way possible.

Pumpkin Buzzard: I'm not sure there's much I can say about this. It's okay, but I've heard better chunky riffs and I'm not keen on most of the lyrics being grunting. The change up half-way through holds my interest and I'd rather you'd have built that up or developed it than going back to the main refrain which just falls apart. This is just pissing me off now. You had some cool sounds in there and you decided to just make sludgy trash instead.

Ross: Quality country stuff. I'm not a very qualified judge of a good country tune. Nothing wrong with this though.

TMK:I managed to get away with actually playing very little here :) wahey. I would've succeeded if it weren't for.....Sir Ranulph Feinnes, no I mean Mr Man & Dr Funk. damn them, and their good song.

UDAHL: Lots of pent up energy, and a garage wall on production duties. I like the jerkiness but there's not much to this, or rather the vocal doesn't add much for me, it sounds like scat.

Wreckdom: Ooh dramatic! This is cool when the beat kicks in. I think you guys mix all the stuff too loud for the vocals, it all sounds super squashed. wow, that was short, very cool though.

faves are Mr+Dr, KA, MC Lawl. But friend floods notwithstanding I've got a wam tingly feeling about this one
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Post by LukeU »

FurryPedro- Thanks a lot, man. (Oh, by the way, it was mostly Jordan with this song. If it was me, it probably wouldn't have turned out as good. All I did was write the lyrics and sing. Plus, Jordan wrote some of it and sang most of it anyway, so it's mostly his song.)
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Post by roymond »

Wreckdom - this is so shockingly contrary to your usual trash. And I mean that with love in my heart. I'd even order up a Wreckdom margarita...uh, wait a | songfights | covers
"Congratulatons, roymond; you finally managed to write a song I don't really care for." - Märk
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Post by UDAHL »

Those Meddling Kids - i humbly admit that
i fail to fully comprehend your juxtaposition of ideas
Abominominous - you guys sound so good together
King Arthur - hooray for saxophone
WreckdoM - music cool, vocals wack
MC Lawl - batman sample earns automatic vote
Mr. Man and Dr. Funk - rock star alert
Kitten Tikka Masala - love that giddy up drum part
UDAHL - sort of sub average but some good bits
Pumpkin Buzzard - this shows promise but the drums lack
Hostess Mostess - he he he. look out laurie berkner
Paco del Stinko - more devo than zappa
Ross Durand - oh yeah man
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Post by HeuristicsInc »

kitten - i liked where you started but you repeated yourself too much.

tmk - i don't love the song, but it gets into your head so much i might have to vote for it! the chorus is very memorable. not totally sure about that highpitched voice. this is quite an achievement, yeah; it's getting my vote.

favorites: meddling, mm&df, wreckdom
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