Everybody was kung fu fighting (Ninja Gang Reviews)

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Everybody was kung fu fighting (Ninja Gang Reviews)

Post by erik »

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Post by jack »

tonetripper: sweet!
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Post by tonetripper »

Thanks Jack!!! Was fun as hell to do, but difficult in a continuity kind of way. Have fun with yours. Cheers!! Reviews later. Listening.
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Post by c hack »

I submitted one, but it was 40 min. late, which I guess is too late. You guys are hardcore.

Here it is anyway, for anyone that might care. It's spurned me to write a whole bunch and make it like Dylan's "Ballad of Billy the Kid," except with ninjas -- should be fun.

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Post by jb »

c hack wrote:I submitted one, but it was 40 min. late, which I guess is too late. You guys are hardcore.

Here it is anyway, for anyone that might care. It's spurned me to write a whole bunch and make it like Dylan's "Ballad of Billy the Kid," except with ninjas -- should be fun.

lateness depends on the next time fm checks his email. if you send it after he builds the fight, then you have to wait until he next checks his email. then you have to rely on how his day has gone, how much groveling you did in your late entry email, etc. etc.

so basically you're screwed.
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Post by c hack »

jb wrote:
so basically you're screwed.
Yeah, I had to accept that possibility when I sent it in late. I didn't think 40 min. would make much of a difference since the fights usually don't seem to go up until the next day or so, but I guess I learned my lesson ;)
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Post by Geoff WreckdoM »

This is an incredible fight, these reviews do not give it justice

What I liked: Wow, this is a strong opener. I dig the R&B feel, not what I expect usually on songfight. The opening vocals are really slick, and those floating “ninja!” samples are badass. At 1:27 when the sudden high pitched vocals come in and then slips into the rap, that is some sweetness right there. Very well done.
What I didn’t like: I don’t care much for the chorus, I thought the change of vocals and style were awkward, should have kept with the hiphop attitude.

The Butterskoskostage
What I liked: Nice opening, good mix. That’s a cool voice. This song has a sweet flow to it, very smooth. I really like the change at 0:50. This is a good groove and it’s real strange, man, I really like this. I love the crazy vocals at the end, awesome.

c hack
What I liked: Great vocal performance. I love the images the lyrics create, it’s a great story. Has a refreshing dry wit to it. The guitar is strong but the vocals are damn powerful, good job.

Caravan Ray
What I liked: The opening has my attention immediately, and it doesn’t let up either. This is awesome! This is some psychotic twisted new wave, it’s like if Al Jorgensen were making radio hits in the early eighties while inhaling nitrous oxide. That guitar is smokin’, I love this song’s atmosphere and attitude, all the ways it changes. Just like right on man.

Casio Choir
What I liked: Much more pleasant than what I imagined a band named casio choir would sound like. A very fun listen, and the breakdown in the middle is so cute I could just vomit. In a good way.
What I didn’t like: Curse you for submitting a song shorter than ours! Curse you!

Code Burnt Umber
What I liked: There’s potential that I could enjoy a rap song with these vocals.
What I didn’t like: This is humorless misogynist garbage, no redeeming value whatsoever, Rudy Ray Moore would be pissed.

Consume, Vagina Boy!
What I liked: Daniel Johnston? This song is silly fun. I was most entertained by the sloppy drums. Instrumentation is enjoyably goofy.
What I didn’t like: Vocals start to bore me as they endure, (around 1:40) which is not what I expected to happen after such a cool opening. Runs out of steam altogether.

The Frontalittle Squad
What I liked: Cool tricked out mix of Nintendo noises and kung fu fighting samples. Love the Mr. Miagi, that’s a nice touch and it leads to a slick ending. Spud’s vocals are my favorite part.
What I didn’t like: I’m just not that interested in the subject matter, I’ve already heard a nerdcore rap about playing Nintendo that I liked better.

Luke Henley
What I liked: Insanely disjointed in a way I find appealing. You sound authentically disturbed. Nice cough. I like the noise. I'll have what he's having.
What I didn’t like: Call me a hypocrite, but I felt the song could have used….MORE STRUCTURE! Hahahahaha.

Neil Thrun and the Doom Fairies
What I liked: This, I believe, is my favorite Neil Thrun song yet. It’s genuinely funny, and both the vocal and guitar performances are executed rather well. I’m smiling as I listen to this, this is cool.
What I didn’t like: It’s a bit too long. Since it’s a comedic song I think it would have better to move on to the next set of lyrics instead of repeating yourself.

What I liked: That odd stuff at the beginning is pretty cool. I really like the samples your using, and the atmosphere that surrounds them. Nice record scratches, real or not, they’re effective. When the song clicks it’s very grabbing and has a nice groove.
What I didn’t like: The subject matter is boring, and you don’t really sound like the badass you claim to be. It’s not enough to carry almost 6 minutes.

Sleazy D Collective
What I liked: The songs opening and then real opening is excellent. I’m really enjoying the vocals. It’s like a smokey jazz club act but everybody has recently suffered a severe blow to the head. A familiar feel has been distorted, this is lovely.

Song Fight Orchestra
What I liked: That’s a nice and thick almost 40 sec. Strange and hypnotic, killer voice.
What I didn’t like: Curse you for submitting a song shorter than ours! Curse y—oh wait, you were supposed to do that.

Three Hole Punch
What I liked: I immediately love the vocals, beautiful. The layered keyboards is a perfect match. Wow, this is a very pretty and well realized song. Short, tight and charming. Those vocals, man I love’em, I could listen to them sing anything, even the bible.

Wounded Sea Turtle
What I liked: Gradual buildup is cool, nice selection of noises. I like the changing tones of static. Somewhat unnerving.
What I didn’t like: Left me wanting more, seems unfinished.

What I liked: Holy crap dude, this is like instantly one of my favorite WreckdoM songs of all time, I’m so pleased with how this came out I can’t describe it. I feel like we just about packed as much rock and as many cool ideas into 49 sec. As you possibly can.
What I didn’t like: I can imagine what I would play on the Theremin for this, but I left it at my practice space again.

This is a very unusual and very enjoyable fight. I'd listen to any of these (save but one) again, in fact I'm thinking I'm going to make a cd of this fight specifically. My vote easily goes to Caravan Ray but man, it would be damn hard to pick a second.
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Post by EightLeggedOedipus »

c hack wrote:I submitted one, but it was 40 min. late, which I guess is too late.
I submitted one but it ended up only 100 bytes when it reached FightMaster. If the re-submitted version doesn't pop up in the next day or so, you can get the song here:

It's geocities, so of course only like two people can download it each day.
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Post by Fried »

Rating “Little Bird” 1 - 5 “The Demon Takagoua” 1 - 5

Boltoph : Nice mood. Vocals are nice. The falsetto doesn’t work for me. Lyrics seem to fall a part at the end. A bit of a Lou Reed sound to the verses. Nice over all. 4 Birds.
The Butterskoskostage : I liked the way it started, then it turned into 4 Takagoua.
C Hack : Hmmmm…. This is not your usual quality. The lyrics aren’t too bad the music is just pretty bleh. 2 Bird.
Caravan Ray : Fun. This seems over compressed. Not real special, not real bad. 2 Bird.
Casio Choir : Volume is low. Sounds like pong. 2 Takagoua
Code Burnt Umber : 5 Takagoua.
Consume, Vagina Boy! : 5 Takagoua.
The Dark Side of Archeology : Nice feel. Punk out, I am digging this. Vocals need something though. I like the mix of live and studio bits. 3 Birds.
Eight Legged Oedipus : I like this a lot. I like the use of the dissonant parts. Bit long for me. 3 Birds.
The Frontalittle Squad : White boy rap. Bits are pretty cool, some of the lyrics are nice. 3 Birds.
Luke Henley : 5 Takagoua
Neil Thrun and the Doom Fairies : Not keeping me. Music is bad, lyrics are not much better. Please go back to your usual tastiness. 2 Takagoua
Pileus : Not feeling this. Another white boy trying to sell urban. Not working for me. 4 Takagoua.
Sleazy D Collective : Nice bells. Intro is sweet. Weird angle on the title. Doesn’t feel very tight in spots. Vocals don’t flow well at times. The instrumental parts are wonderful. Overall, very nice. 4 Birds.
Song Fight Orchestra : 4 Takagoua.
Hole Punch : Nice, very nice. Good flow and levels. The vocals are nice, I wish they would jump to harmonies bit. Pretty short. 3 Birds.
Wounded Sea Turtle : This sounds like the bands title song. Pure Takagoua
WreckdoM : I had to double check the group name… You guys have sold out. Heh. I like it but it is WAY too short.. 4 Birds.

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Post by boltoph »

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Post by nicegeoff »

Boltoph – What is this, Everlast? The chorus kind of cool, but the whole “acoustihiphop” button you pushed kind of ruins everything this song has going for it.

Butterskostage – I just realized how hard it’s going to be to take any of these songs seriously when they’re singing about ninja gangs and stuff…hahaha. I like the bass sound in this, but the singing and acoustic guitar hits are atrocious.

Caravan Ray – Nice surf-feel stuff here…This reminds me a lot of early Ween. I would love to dance to this in some seedy dance hall, if it was being performed live by a bunch of ninjas...The part at 1:53 is amazing…What is that?

Casio Choir – Now we’re talking! My weakness for sped-up vocals and the Casio brand makes me crumble at the feet of this song.

C Hack – It’s true, there aren’t as many ninjas around as there used to be. This song is funny, but the humor isn’t enough to save such a boring melody and progression. I really can’t stand whatever accent you’re using.

Code Burnt Umber – The recording of this vocal is to grating for me to appreciate the lyrical content…If the delivery was less harsh, maybe it would be okay, but it’s just a little much…The “hook” is pretty horrible, but um…the entire thing is kind of funny in a bad way (or bad in a funny way), so there…

Consumer Vagina Boy – Are these the same guys as Burnt Umber? I mean, rhyming “wang” with “gang” and all…The music is nice, but I’d appreciate the song better if the vocals were quieter and sung differently. It’s just kind of annoying now.

The Dark Side of Archeology – Is that wah on a bass? (runs for the hills). The snare sound is terrible. I really like the weird chorusy guitar(?) sound. There are lots of things going on in this song, but I feel like it could be more focused (and two minutes shorter).

Eight Legged Oedipus - I like that weird acoustic sound with the drums…The bass should be a stand-up bass…It just sounds lame on an electric. The verse vocals are really lame, too but the chorus really makes up for it. I get “pork soda” era primus vibes from some of this. You have a knack for arrangement.

Frontalittle Squad – Nice drum sounds. I love the Nintendo sounds…Another “wang” rhyme. Some rappers are a lot better than others, but you know…that’s the main fault here…I’m getting all into it, then it’s a let-down verse. The “hook” was really obnoxious opon first listen, but it’s not that bad now…

Luke Henley – Woah, holy shit! This has the best introduction ever!!!! This is amazing…I like the crazy keyboard stuff you’re doing…But…eh…You kind of blew your wad in the first 20 seconds of this song…Because, that’s the only part I feel is worth listening to again (and again and again: it’s really good).

Neil Thrun and the Doomfairies – This song is way too long. Something needs to improve before this kind of stuff goes over 1:30

Pileus – Boring “triphop”? Boring…Though, I like when the drums go nuts around the four minute mark…it just sucks it took so long to get there…There are so many hip hop songs and vocal samples this week. Yeah…this is also too long for its britches.

Sleazy D Collective – Yikes…Fake electric piano…Woah, I wasn’t expecting that. I wish the piano wasn’t being so wanky. The vocalist has a wonderful voice…I can imagine this song being really cool if the instruments were real and more muddy or in the background.

Songfight Orchestra – You did a very good job at transitioning from Jim’s entry…And, this song really isn’t that bad in itself. I love the part when you sing about your master.

Wounded Sea Turtle – Great drum sounds…hell, great sounds in general (especially the noise bursts)…just needs a little more pop to it.

Wreckdom – I don’t know what’s appealing about this...there's something...that I can't put my finger on. eh....

Casio Choir

Wounded Sea Turtle, Songfight Orchestra, The beginning of Luke Henley’s song

A pretty disappointing fight (though it did have a disappointing title)
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Post by Mogosagatai »

The <i>only</i> "Ninja Gang" I find worth keeping is Three Hole Punch's, which I think we can safely assume to be CCS's impression of Architecture in Helsinki. Great lyrics: "...whenever this ninja fade fads away."
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Post by bwell »

Boltoph - This song has a great feel to it and a nice delivery with the spoken vocals. Good background work with the guitar and such to fill out the mood. The atmospheric sounds during the chorus are well-placed. The sparse sound suits the song well. I probably would have liked the song to grow a bit more going into the bridge...feels like it holds back some. The ending is also too abrupt. I like this one.

The Butterskoskostage - There are parts of this that I like, but the song as a whole isn't to my liking. The feel and sound works alright. The vocal delivery could be a bit tighter and I don't particularly like the spoken lines...grainy with background noises. I like the idea of the "just...like..." part, but the ensuing vocalizations get a bit too comical. I like that it was kept short and not overdone.

C Hack - This has a nice sound with the guitar and the vocal isn't bad, though it could be a little stronger. The song and story are good. Throwing in some additional instruments or vocals and a bit of variation with the accompaniment (the guitar part is the same chord progression over and over...except for that "20 arrrows" deviation) would really help to take this up a notch.

Caravan Ray - While this one is a bit messy (noisy) on the production side and with the samples, this is certainly a fun song. I love that last syllable tacked on to "happy puppy happy pen-guin". The short length is nice as it winds down before it gets too tiring.

Casio Choir - Short and sweet. That Casio rhythm brings back some memories. Fun song...I like the emphasis on the ending of "stayed".

Code Burnt Umber - This is too trashy for me...I cannot get past the lyrics to hear if there's anything even going on musically. That's the first song I've actually deleted since I started downloading these songs last month...I was going to wait until I was running short on space.

Consume - Everything could be recorded and produced a little better, but I don't really care much for the song itself. It's all a little too messy and the lyrics come off simple and corny with some of the rhyming until it goes over the edge at the end.

The Dark Side of Archeology - The electric sounds a little harsh along with some of the drums...maybe the whole mix is slanted a bit toward the treble side. There's not much going on with the lyrics, but I do like the sound clips and the overall feel of the song. The intro has a nice, cool vibe to it. I found myself wanting to hear some different elements as the song progressed, but that drum interlude wasn't quite it. The pad sound that comes in after 2:30 helps a bit to fill things out. The ending builds alright with the sweeping parts. While I am enjoying parts of the sound, the song itself feels like it could be stronger.

Eight Legged Oedipus - Nice use of instrumentation right off the bat. The bass is a little too much, but I like the various sounds as they come in and out. The low bit rate vocal samples are a bit too raspy for my taste. Nice change up with the rhythm around 2:40. The processed vocal that comes in at 3:42 does add a nice break...the song was starting to feel long during the previous verse. This came in too long, but the song makes nice use of samples and is a pleasant listen.

The Frontalittle Squad - This generally has a nice flow to it. It does start to feel a little too long but it might be the repetition of the "Danger...Warning..." part getting old by the end. I particularly liked the (...checking the lyric archive...) Savvy1 and Def Author deliveries and the MC Spudalot bit was fun the first couple of times. The backing is generally good and I like the use of the samples.

Luke Henley - This is a bit too dissonant and random for me at the start. And then the screaming...not quite my favorite approach. The light, spoken vocal on the right is too subdued. This is a mess of sound to sit through. That coughing part is almost the best.

Neil Thrun and the Doom Fairies - Not really my favorite type of guitar/singer song. It would be nice if the performance was stronger and the guitar was more in tune. Without any variation this gets tiring halfway through. Otherwise, the song and lyrics themselves don't do much for me.

Pileus - This has a nice, mellow beat to it. The sound clips add a nice touch, but it would be good to have more variation musically. The repeated "clear" is a nice touch. The lyrics in the first part are stronger...I was starting to lose interest during the second part. Also, during the second section the vocals don't always sync up cleanly giving things an odd feel at times. Overall, I liked the laid back feel of this song but felt the song was too long and that the vocal could have been done with a little more strength.

Sleazy D Collective - Nice backing on this song...a bit simple but it has a good, light feel. The open arrangement makes the vocals stand out which is good for the nice tone, but it also doesn't give imperfections with intonation anywhere to hide. I guess I generally like the music and the sound of the song, but the lyrics didn't grab me.

Song Fight Orchestra - The lyric is nice on this. Another good installment of the orchestra project. This will be a fun one to follow.

Three Hole Punch - I like this one...kind of reminds me a light version of a CCS song. A little variation with the rhythm would have been nice. But, the lyrics, chord movement, and vocals are nicely done. The shortness left me wanting more.

Wounded Sea Turtle - This ends up being a nice soundscape of sorts, but doesn't feel like a song or evoke any sense of the title for me.

WreckdoM - Weird fun...I'm liking this one more than some of the past efforts I can recall. Something about the sound and vocals seems like it would be right at home in a Southpark context. Not exactly vote-inciting but this one makes for an enjoyable listen. Everything fits well and the lyrics are great.

Boltoph, Three Hole Punch, and Casio Chorus would be my top three at this point. I'll decide on a vote later this week after listening to the ones I like a few more times.
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Post by nicegeoff »

Mogosagatai wrote:The <i>only</i> "Ninja Gang" I find worth keeping is Three Hole Punch's, which I think we can safely assume to be CCS's impression of Architecture in Helsinki. Great lyrics: "...whenever this ninja fade fads away."
um...heh...heh...architecture in helwhati???

it was kind of unintentional. I was trying my best to sing like a girl (but there weren't any available) and it just kind of sounded like the architecture guy...so i went with...
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Post by Freddielove »




Everything But the Girl but without the scary big chinned woman

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Post by Freddielove »

Was nerdcore/electric piano the optional challenge for this week?
Everything But the Girl but without the scary big chinned woman

- Furrypedro
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Post by blue »






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Post by EightLeggedOedipus »

+++ This starts out really great - nice beat - cool atmospheric delay guitar and sounds +++
/// That first chorus vocal take is kind of detracting from the sound. It doesn't ruin anything though, it just sounds demo-ey ///

The Butterskoskostage
+++ This also has a nice beat. +++
--- All these vocals are weak. That pitchy "My ninja gang" and then the monotonous talky part.---
/// We at least spice it up with some coughing and choking noises. Not the best choice, but an interesting one at least ///

C Hack
+++ Crisp vocal take. I like that reverb with th elow volume but the long decay. +++
/// I tend to consider tracks with no rhtyhm section to be almost as cheater as instrumentals. ///
--- If you have to do the acoustic/vocal combo, you really need to get the timing right. You've got some bars, like I'm hearing in the last repeated line, where you make poopoo mistakes on the strumming ---

Caravan Ray
+++ Ray, I'm really digging this. I read the lyrics when they were first posted, and I was sriously concerned for you. But this track with its noisy sloppiness is awesome. ANd then there's that surf riff with that minor diminished lead.+++
/// Obviously the mix is kind of weird and clippy in places. It works in a Ween way. ///
--- It kind of smells like pickles. Which is weird for an MP3 ---

Casio Choir
+++ Happy casio music +++
--- Speeding them up doesn't hide that crappy intonation on the middle verse ("moved to the USA") ---
/// The sounds are not very original, but it's not distracting ///

Code Burnt Umber
+++ I like the lead-in noise loop +++
--- Your timing and delivery are sad. As soon as I finish typing I'm slipping to the next song. That forced grumbly tone is caca too. ---
/// I'm not opposed to porno lyrics, but they're just not very inventive here. Tell me about what wild posotions you're gonna do, not just some played out derogatory sodomy rhymes. ///

Consume, Vagina Boy!
+++ "Ninja Gang, What else rhymes with gang?" +++
/// Live drums are very sloppy improv, but I could dig this ///
--- If only you didn't have all the other instruemnts so off time ---

The Dark Side of Archeology
+++ Cool subrhythms going on during the pimples / undewear part. Nice sampling +++
/// OK, now it's going on kind of long ///
--- Yeah it really should have changed up again by now. And this whispered "ninja" part is not the kind of break I'm hoping for ---
+++ OK cool buildup now around 3:00. We should listen to Foo Fighters 'One by One' to hear what we might do differently with that snare. +++

OK, fucker, time for a hypercritical self-review...
Eight Legged Oedipus
--- OK, right off the bat, the timing is fucked. If you're insistent on using real Taiko samples, make sure you chop the samples and manually quantize the pieces. ---
+++ At least I can hear the vocals this week. Your lyrics suck but oh well +++
--- OK, now is that your idea of a bridge? Or is it just that your two parts were rhythmically AND melodically disparate? So I guess we're just gonna throw in some crappy authentic Japanese woodwind sample and a bunch of Street Fighter 2 samples. Pansy! ---
/// Well, nice drum and bass part, but you obviously got stuck. The Amen break is unbeatable, but it's also so totally played out. Twat-face ///
--- As if we weren't bored yet, let's give us more of the off-time doubled bass. WHy double the bass? Two shitty takes don't make a good one... ---
+++ Someone last week said more emotion, so here's the last half of the last verse +++

The Frontalittle Squad
/// We were OK until the vocals with the Tang / Wang rhyme. ///
--- THis dorky Ninja Gaiden rap is liek Paul Barman without the cleverness. Which is like saying "candy but not sweet" ---
+++ That Kung Fu Fighting sample reminds that the original was so much more funky than this stgnant borefest. +++

Luke Henley
+++ I liek the way the jazz sample cuts in. Good screaming thereafter. What I can make out of the lyrics is also really great. +++
--- The disjointedness could have been pulled off with some cheap production tricks. Like mixing. And restraint. And maybe a few reverse cymbals to cover up those awkward transitions. ---
/// It's good for what it is, though. When I'm feeling too sane, I can relaly get into this ///

Neil Thrun and the Doom Fairies
--- Sorry Neil, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a positive for this one. I liek the name "The DOom Fairies" I just wish they played an instrument on this. Cuz it just sounds like you with a guitar. Pretending to sing. ---

+++ Nice bass notes. That keyboard part is cool, kind of Count Bass D
---But it sure seems out of place ---
/// Definitely doesn't warrant 6 minutes. Not like mine did, either. :) ///

Sleazy D Collective
+++ Nice melody and beat. I like the ride cymbal. +++
/// It doesn't bothe rmost people, but it really gets me when you rape the emphasis of multisyllabic words. example - nin-JA. tar-GET. ///
--- The phrasing and intonation both sound quite amatuerish. With some practice this could be a good song. Also that bass line needs to be panned mor eto the center, and and needs to be more punctuated on each note. Try shortening the whole bass track note length to 75 % and then throw a bit of reverb on it ---

Song Fight Orchestra
+++ I really liek your voice. I recognize it, but can't place it. +++
/// This idea is fundamentally flawed but I think you've carried it out fine for this episode. ///
--- I feel liek that last word "hide" should have droipped down another whole step at the end, instead of hanging on. Not sure what not eit is exactly. Fuck you out there if you have perfect pitch and can pick that up just by listening. ---

Three Hole Punch
+++ I think we all know how goddamn awesome CCS is, whether you're into the style or not. Clever take on the title, of course. +++
--- We've definitely heard better vocal take sfrom you than this. Is that why the pseudonym? ---

Wounded Sea Turtle
+++ I like that knocking rhythm. I TOTALLY turned around and was like "who's there?" but then I was like "wow, I'm such a dork, ther'es no one there. +++
--- Unfortunately we have a major melody problem. There's no melody. Where the melody should be, there 's this other thing that just kind of meanders chromatically. Ands then there's this other thing that's like a sample of noise. And that meanders chromatically too. While the tremolo keyboard plays long lame notes. Please hum this before you submit it. Did these really sound good when you wrote it? ---

+++ WreckdoM are back into writing songs this week. Ther's a nice rhythm to this. Hot licks. +++
--- Not sure if the talkover is supposed to sound "dubbed" but it doens't come across that way. ---
/// Just a sidenote but a whole lot of people confusing ninjas with kung fu this week. Different countries and cultures, people. Maybe next week we'll substitute cowboys for mariachis. ///
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bwell wrote:...but the ensuing vocalizations get a bit too comical.

mmmmyees....it's about ninjas?

no, i cannot sing, thank god.
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The Butterskoskostage wrote: no, i cannot sing, thank god.
So you don't want to sing?
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Happy Australia Day everybody! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday and didn't get too drunk and sunburnt at your various BBQ's

First, some comments,
nicegeoff wrote: Caravan Ray – ...The part at 1:53 is amazing…What is that?
Just me ululating in 9 part harmony with myself. I find it very theraputic.
bwell wrote: Caravan Ray –While this one is a bit messy (noisy) on the production side and with the samples....
No samples - just me and my acoustic guitar (and Hammerhead drum software and a distortion pedal)

..and reviews:

Not bad. Nice effort – just not my cup of tea. Good guitar and beats – also like the vocals, not my thing though.

Don’t like this. I’m finding the vocal annoying and the lyrics trite. The guitar and electric backing stuff is very dull and lacks any life.

While I found this quite pleasant myself – my 7-month-old daughter freaked out over it. I was feeding her a bottle while listening to all entries, and while she treated the rest with utter contempt (including mine), when this came on, she spat out the teat and started waving her arms around like a mad thing. I tried it again on her later in the day, just to see if it was a fluke – but no, same reaction again. So, if you were aiming for the demographic of listeners who dribble and have no bowel control – mission accomplished, you’re a hit!

Very dull. Your vocal delivery is very poor – there’s no sense of rhythm there. There seems to have been no effort gone into backing music. Samples at the end are unnecessary padding.

I almost like this. The rhythm is pretty cool. Vocals and lyrics are pretty crap though.

Pretty good for what it is, but what it is isn’t really my thing. Like the Kung-Fu Fighting sample. Nice to hear rappers using their voices well, but the lyrics are pretty ordinary.

I found the samples at the beginning a bit unnecessary – but otherwise, this rocks! Great shouting – I enjoyed this a lot.

NT & the DF’s
This is the best thing I’ve heard from Mr Thrun and his incomparable Doom Fairies. Mind you, that sentence carries about as much weight as “…this is the bluest orange I’ve ever eaten…”. Just kidding – this is pretty cool, it’s just that your guy-tar gets a little tedious after a while. Get some free software and try adding some drums or other stuff (I use Hammerhead and a free-download Fruity Loops demo). This is a good song – but its presentation could be improved.

Don’t like this. Dull and clichéd with pretty adolescent lyric.

I really like the song – but I don’t like the performance. Singers got a good voice – but off key a bit – just sounds like a case of not enough rehersal. Arrangement turning me off a little too – would like to hear less piano (or whatever that is) and more bass. Still – it’s probably the best actual song of the fight.

Nice work (tonetripper isn’t it?). moody, cool.

Carol Cleveland Sings, n’est-ce pas? I like this. I’d prefer to hear CCS expand a bit on that that same sound/style that is CCS – but, I did like this song a lot.

Although this isn’t really a song – and as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with Ninjas – for some reason, I like this. I don’t know why, I just do.

I think we should join your song and my song together to be one big Japanese-surf-punk classic. This is good – I would have liked to have heard it go quite a bit longer

Silly song – but you have an awesome voice. Your voice and great delivery really pull this off – well done – I enjoyed this a lot. And I see you have a nice link all ready for “Glass Eye” for next week!

I like this – it really builds up nicely. Very enjoyable

Great stuff – love the bass and the little Japanese-y lick – what’s that? Koto? Songs drags a little in the chorus for me, and perhaps a tad long – but overall – great job.

I like this. If I wasn’t me, I’d vote for it. I think “I am leader of Ninja Gang, We go crash crash, we go bang” is the finest lyric I’ve ever written.

If my daughter could operate a keyboard she would vote for Casio Choir – but she can’t, so she won’t. For me, Wreckdom, Chack and Archaeology made this fight enjoyable, 8LeggedOedipus very nearly got my vote – but I will vote for Luke Henly. He sounds completely mad – and he may be the type of person who will come and shit in my letterbox if I don’t vote for him.
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EightLeggedOedipus wrote:Song Fight Orchestra
/// This idea is fundamentally flawed ///
Please explain.
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