Annie 2014

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Annie 2014

Post by Mostess » Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:49 am

We took the family to see the new Annie yesterday and I was amazed at how sucky the songwriting and audio work was. The dialogue was cute, the actors did a pretty great job, there were some really fun and some really touching moments.

But the mix was awful. Even with good movie theater speakers the whole thing sounded flat and lifeless. There were times when the voices were mixed way behind the instruments and other times when the instruments were way behind the vocals and one weird time when the vocals that the actors on screen were singing were mixed way behind a descant vocal track that should have been treated as backup vocals.

And the autotune was so crazy over-used with even those hard note changes that make a voice sound like a synth for a moment. That poor Wallis girl was so cute and peppy and fun and they made her sing like a robot for some stupid reason.

The race thing wasn't a big deal. The new songs were meh but whatever. The changes to the plot and the names, who cares? Even the mangling of the Annie songs where they took out entire sections of melody and replaced them with more meh was surprising to me but okay. All those things that I thought I would get worked up about didn't really bother me at all.

But what the hell was up with the audio engineers on a big budget movie of a very, very famous musical? Who dropped that ball and WTF?
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